Cristine is a Bachelor of Secondary Education graduate who embarked on a five-year journey as a dedicated teacher. Along this path, she recognized the limitations in terms of financial growth for herself and her family within the teaching profession. This realization led her to explore alternatives and she discovered the world of Digital Marketing as a Virtual Assistant.

Driven by her passion for continuous learning, Cristine enrolled in various training programs and webinars to master the intricacies of the field. Her commitment paid off, as she has now thrived as a Digital Marketer for three years. With an unwavering desire for growth, she never looked back to teaching, having found a profession she not only loves but also provides her with greater prospects for personal and financial growth.

Currently thriving as the Executive Administrator for Blue Vikings Capital, Cristine exudes dedication, competence, and a commitment to excellence in her profession. She embraces the challenges and opportunities presented to her, leveraging her expertise and ensuring the smooth operation of the organization's affairs.

Driven by her love for what she does, Cristine has found her calling and is excited to contribute to the growth and success of Blue Vikings Capital as they navigate the dynamic landscape of the digital world.


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