Maria is a highly accomplished wildlife biologist, CEO, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. After obtaining a master’s degree, she embarked on a career as a Wildlife Biologist saving endangered species & restoring critical habitats, all while also investing in real estate. Along with her husband, Maria built two successful Massage Envy clinics that employ over 75 people and generate over $2.5 million in business annually.

Maria left her biology career after a 26-year tenure to focus on securing a financially stable future for her autistic son through commercial real estate investing. She specializes in recession-resistant assets, such as affordable housing, long-term holds, and value-add apartments that help investors grow their net worth. Through her company, Blue Vikings Capital LLC, Maria helps investors achieve consistent annual returns of 12% or more.

Maria is also the Founder of Valhalla Villas, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing housing and independent living services for autistic adults. She offers investment opportunities in these communities for anyone seeking "forever hold" assets that they can pass on to their heirs, particularly beneficial to special needs parents who wish to ensure the financial security of their children.

Maria's accomplishments demonstrate that financial gain is not the only measure of success; making a positive impact on the world around us is equally important.


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